We network with multiple organisations and individuals to generate food sharing networks and relevant community activities, exploring ways of enhancing both mental and physical health, joining people together to grow an independent food source whilst investing in sustainable solutions to reduce food miles and reduce single use plastics wherever possible.

Anne Hayden MBE

GP & Founder

Anne, a retired GP, specialised in helping those with mental health issues and in January 2000 received an MBE for this work. She began Your Planet Doctors(YPD)as a not for profit company in January 2021, aware that mental health was at an all time low and how vulnerable we were becoming to food poverty. Our mission is to empower and educate friends and neighbours, to learn how to grow their own food together. Getting out in the fresh air, being active, learning new skills and helping others have huge mental and physical benefits and goes some of the way to provide more food to live on.

Carla Bradbury

Director & Operations Manager

Carla, is the workshop facilitator and training provider for clients and volunteers across all projects, building our organisation blueprint on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Over the last few years I have been dedicated to creating community support networks across south west U.K. for multiple organisations; within these groups I have taught basics in horticulture and building awareness around natural resources. As the open workshop facilitator for Your Planet Doctors I organise the childrens activities and coordinate events. This gives me the perfect opportunity to dip back into my childhood and incorporate an element of Steiner education within our organisation by combining self sufficient practice and creative play. Having also worked as a Multi Activity Instructor for challenging children I have experience in facilitating a space for all behaviours.

Your Planet Doctors